Juho Tikkanen

Marketing Specialist at Icebug and PowerBar Finland. Graphic Designer and Web Developer. Loves problem-solving, simplicity and giving the best shots. Tech & techno lover.

I'm Juho Tikkanen, a front end developer and graphic designer, working in marketing at Icebug and PowerBar Finland. I also freelance. I'm all about tech and techno music.

I help Icebug to achieve efficient marketing in Finland. I'm involved in marketing planning and putting things into practice.

Icebug creates special studded shoes for icy and freezing conditions. The company started as a result of a want to stay active year-round.


Icebug is the expert in providing the highest level of footwear for slippery conditions.

As a front end designer/developer I'm skilled in HTML, CSS and CMS. I create clean and functional websites.

My skillset

CMS (Wordpress, CMS Made Simple...)
Working with JQuery plugins
Responsive Web Design
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Website Design
Brand Identity Design

I'm learning JavaScript and eager to better my programming expertise. I use Brackets because of its lightweight and straightforward nature.

Who am I?

I believe that linear problem solving might not be the most fruitful approach. I always opt for searching new and exciting ways to do things. I would describe myself a somewhat visionary person.

I enjoy minimalist, beautiful and simple things. Arts, music and craftsmanship inspire me. I always call for top quality whether it's about my own work or a cup of coffee that starts my day.

I have experience in search engine optimization, content creation and managing a several social media accounts.

I am social, positive and encouraging. I'm at my best when leading a small team, but I can interact with all levels of organizations.

Anywhere where you spot juhotik, you are free to friend, follow or message me.

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